Monday, 31 December 2012

When Dreams Come True

A New Year is just about to begin and at the start of a new year I always find myself looking back and forward.
A new year seems so full of opportunity, the potential to shape our lives as we would want them to be be but in truth, the possibility for change is always there. Our lives are built from an ongoing collection of events which are shaped by the choices that we make every moment of our days - what we do and what we do not do, over time, these decisions all blend together to build up the overall picture of that which is our life (a collection of individual days).

As so many things contribute to build up our lives, to substantialy change our direction takes a number of factors and the first one is surely 'space' for clarity of thought. In 2012, I was given a wonderful opportunity to go to Canada and spend several months there working on a photography project. Yet, removed from my life's daily events in Scotland I also had the opportunity to look at my life and decide in what ways I wanted to shape it for my future. Of course tho', not everything we plan to do does happen as we envisage - but through our set backs, we also have the opportunity to learn what and who are most important to us. And for me, that's what 2012 has been - a year of reflection, planning and preparation for the future, the future I want for the next chapter/s in my life.

Who knows exactly how 2013 will turn out, who knows who will be in my life (our lives) as 2014 begins. But in 2012, I know I spent my time with some really great people and looking back I know that one more than any other installed in me the need to remember that it really does take time to make our dreams come true. Yes, sometimes something can happen suddenly but it seems to me that what benefits us the most are those changes which actually take a lot of time and hard work to achieve. When dreams come true we need to be standing in the right place, at the right time and to have first got to that place we need to have done a lot of work in advance.

Life like the weather is always changing, sunshine and showers, sunrises/sunsets.  In and out of our lives people move, some friends stay forever, others for a short while. But each person we meet has the opportunity to teach us some important lesson from which we can benefit and take with us, a lesson carried in our hearts and in our minds to help us shape our journey.  So in 2013, what I hope for the most is patience and perseverence to stay true to my own plan to make more 'dreams come true'. Time is so very precious, I think it is worth the effort of the work it takes within each of us to make our dreams come true. And in that process - my thanks to these really inspirationational people along the way who enter our lives and share their wisdom which helps us to stay true to our forward journey. Success comes ultimately from an ever onwards, ever upwards movement, pushing on through the clouds that will shadow a journey, always pushing onwards, upwards to the light.

The most encouraging words in 2012 said to me from a friend -
"Remember - eventually, the cream rises to the top"

Words applied to 2013, which by 2014, will have helped me
to have made yet more new dreams  come true.

Looking back from 10 April 2014 I can see
- in 2013 - my birthday 'dream' came true :-)

And everyone who ever achieved their goal
- in the beginning it was 'just' a dream...

Michael Buble and his mum on Oprah Winfrey's show