Friday, 6 May 2011


Today’s election has shown a landslide swing to the Scottish National Party.

The political map in Scotland has changed overnight So, what does that mean for each of us on a personal, individual level?

A time to
begin again?

A time for
new beginnings?

Here, I share with my readers some emails exchanged today. Quiet congratulations from an English woman, to a Scottish woman.

To put these emails in context - Lets face it, “us Scots” we are NOT perfect and I can feel ashamed of some of the things we can say and do. By this I refer to anti English, racial statements and equally unacceptable ignorance (by the minority) in the form of religious bigotry. Also, in the way that we live... too many Scots place too much emphasis on alcohol and our overall track record in health leaves a great deal of room for improvement. Scottish people we have our failings but I think also that we have our great strengths and most admirable characteristics too. Therefore, at the dawning of a new political landscape, here is a new opportunity for us (as individuals and as a nation) to work together for a better future. Let's not focus on the divides between our political parties or the differences between Scotland and other countries, let's focus more on the benefits of working together in partnership to initiate positive change for the future. In this election, Scotland's people have come together to speak with one voice. This is a proud day for Scotland!

In looking at the bigger picture of our nation's future, as individuals, lets also see the smaller picture - with that in mind, I share the emails exchanged between two women, one English, one Scottish.

Hi Shona, I am so pleased for the Scots! They have their lives back! England? We lost our nation years ago and have little identity left eg: not even allowed to put up our own flag up as when we do we are accused of racism! You Scots have it right! My daughter is half Scots, having a Scottish father (not clear which camp she will fall into now!)
Better to go with the Scots for a new chance and a fresh start!
Good luck to you all!!!

Hi, my thanks to you, that's a LOVELY email! Goodness tho', I feel quite WASHED OUT by all this good news - such elation and then some tears too that my mum can't be here to see this proud day.
A day Scotland has waited on for hundreds of years...

Yes Shona, my former partner (my daughter’s father) he wanted home rule too but he passed away some time ago and now, too late for him and all who have gone before to see this day. But, here is
the chance for the new generation to pick up the flag of their forefathers. The English today will be so wishing it was them!

My Scots ancestry is limited to the 12 century when we fought and lost - lost our land in Scotland and ended up in England and became English as our new generations followed, like the many who settled here from other countries. And others in my family they emigrated abroad. But, for the ones who stayed, today is a day when a new nation arises! Good luck to all of Scotland for her future and from everyone here down south we will be thinking the same (even if secretly!!!) The birth of a new brave nation arising from the old, it’s great!!! Have a good weekend, I have a bottle of champagne and I will toast to my daughter’s new independent country!!!

Thanks for reading my Blog and I leave you with one of the greatest songs written by Robert Burns, this version sung by Sheena Wellington at the opening of the Scottish Parliament on the 1st of July 1999. Today on the 6th of May it is the start of an equally proud new beginning. Now as we move forward – let us do so in partnership. Let everyone pull together for Scotland’s future, for Scotland’s people. This is a new beginning and a new nation arises.


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  1. Thankyou Shona for The Scottish Review. Sorry I lost you in the past. However we've found each other again and I'd like to apologize on behalf of The Majestic Royal namely our infamous Scottish Queen mother's daughter Elizabeth II and all HRH's family & friends that freely fly the Scottish Saint Andrews flag for our dear Patron Saint Margaret's work to remain unhindered in the The Netherlands of The Europa's. Scotland's government of 2000 doesn't need anybody's approval over there sweatheart. Just keep cuddling your teddy's and you'll be alrighty.