Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Anyone, who is a regular visitor to my online sites, will know that I love to get outdoors walking. Over the last year, my Celtic Reflections Facebook page has been my way of sharing photos from my walks when I am "out and about" enjoying the fresh air and getting exercise.

In Scotland, encouraging physical activity lies at the heart of the Government’s “Active Nation” programme for the London 2012 Olymics and Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. The Government (quite rightly so) see a great opportunity to use the Games to help to create a fit and active Scotland with huge environmental, social and economic benefits. Walking is simple, low cost and fun!

What benefits for us all if we can just make some small changes in our routine to build in more walking to our daily lives. Small positive changes can reap BIG benefits for our health!

Walking on the sands in front of Berwick Law

I have always enjoyed walking in Scotland's "great outdoors" and hope you too will join me in my continuing posts as I aim to meet my own personal goal which is to get out there walking for the minimum of a brisk 30 minute walk every day.  And when I can, to achieve 10,000 steps daily as our good Scottish weather allows me too! For me, there seems no better pathway to good health than to "Walk 365"

Me, hill walking in the Highlands

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