Sunday, 28 August 2011


Where did the Summer go? Just last week I was photographing butterflies in East Lothian and then, yesterday evening - huge rain clouds rolled in over the Firth of Forth as the sun set behind Edinburgh. Now today, brrr, it's freezing cold and the rain is pouring down as I write! Just as well I got my walking in first thing this morning. Tho' in truth - I do have a huge golf brolly and, with waterproofs and wellies, a wee bit of rain is never going to stop me getting outdoors. Yes, in all seasons - it's a joy to be outdoors and every season offers us something different to enjoy in Scotland. Beautiful scenery and wildlife in our natural environment which we should never take forgranted.

Sunset over Edinburgh from Musselburgh East Lothian
Shona McMillan © All Rights Reserved

Incredible to think that such fragile creatures as butterflies can visit us from so very far across the sea. And, so important that we each do what we can to help them survive our ever changing world. If each gardner left just one nettle and one thistle plant in their garden for them to feed on - what a difference that would make in halting the frighteningly quick, steady decline there has been in their numbers over recent years. Once, it was a common sight to see butterflies in Edinburgh but now, it takes a lot of effort to find them - and the above two were not in the city but down the coast in East Lothian.

Seacliff, East Lothian
Shona McMillan © All Rights Reserved

There are various flowers which are particular favourites of butterflies and these are also much enjoyed by Honey bees which are equally under threat from loss of habitat, man's increased use of pesticides and changes in our climate. The following link gives a lot of helpful information for what you can do to help our threatened insect wildlife And of course, for information to help our 'feathered friends' you can visit the website of the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)

Swans photographed at the foot of the River Esk, Musselburgh
Leith and the built up Edinburgh skyline behind
Shona McMillan © All Rights Reserved

We have a wonderful environment, one we must strive to preserve
so that generations to come have the same opportunities to enjoy and appreciate this world as we do.

Dawn: Looking from Edinburgh to East Lothian
Shona McMillan © All Rights Reserved

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By the Firth of Forth
Shona McMillan ©  All Rights Reserved

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