Friday, 13 January 2012


One of my New Year resolutions was to have a BIG clear out of my house. When I moved back from Inverness to Edinburgh, a good few boxes went in to the attic and stayed there. So much has happened since 2006 that emptying these boxes was very far down my list of priorities. In addition, I'm probably a different person to the one who returned - I "need" very little to feel contented in my life and, for me, health seems to be much more important than wealth and possessions. Having seen my parents (in their 80's) battle ill-health it left me with more appreciation for time and my own need to use it well and be happy. And, the pursuit of photography is certainly a way I like to spend my time. Nevertheless, my photography has to fit in with other priorities and so today was my continuation of "the big tidy".

Friday 13th is often said to be unlucky but I was very pleased with my clean up and out progress. Lots was sorted out and made ready for the charity shops and I thought, "bet I'll have time for a wee walk as well". Car loaded, hand on front door to close it and the phone went... "Oh no" I thought "I'm in a rush" IF it had not rung, my first photo would have shown all of the sun, not just the last part of it before it was gone! However, the phonecall is not the point of the story BUT without it, a chain of events would not have been set in place.

Short of time I had driven to Musselburgh, my plan being to go to the charity shop and then take a walk but nope, now it was better to take some pics and then go to the shop. But within moments the orange glow was gone (I had missed the full sunset - "sure enough, Friday the 13th!"). Still, it was lovely to be out and I had some bread in the car so I decided "feed the birds and then go to the charity shop".

The bread I had was quickly eaten and I watched others feeding the hungry birds. Then an old lady arrived and I stood and had a blether with her, noticing this poor goose which seemed to be missing out I bent down to throw it a crust that had been missed. "AGH NO!" That awful moment when you realise that some ungrateful seagull has just.... "Hmmm!" I asked the lady - "Has what I think has happened, actually happened?" - "Oh dear" she said, "All on your back, lucky you were bent over". Hmm I laughed "and mum always said that was good luck". "Ach well" she said, "at least you are near the toilets so you can clean your jacket" "Yes" I said, "a fine Friday the 13th this is". 

So - A bad luck day? "No actually, it was a lovely day!  The moral of the story is "don't judge a day moment by moment but by what it brings you. Because, whilst cleaning my jacket something amazing happened... The 'unfortunate incident with the bird' meant that I did not go off to the charity shop and leave the Esk. And when I walked out the colour of the sky made me gasp! It really was one of the most incredible sunset skies I have EVER EVER seen at Musselburgh. The beautiful scene just took my breath away so, maybe my mum was right - Friday the 13th is like any other day but when a bird (or some other unfortunate, unplanned event) gives you an unwelcome  surprise then, just give it time, and maybe you will see it was good luck after all! After all, surely we create our own luck ;-D


  1. There are a lot of superstitions I don't put stock in. Friday the 13th being unlucky is one of them.

    I stand with you in your belief that health is more important than wealth and/or possessions.

  2. I finished reading your post and this thought came to mind, a line of wisdom I found on the internet, "Remember two days from now, tomorrow will be yesterday." Great reason to savor every moment.

  3. Your photos are stunning. I'll be back often to see what you have done. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary