Monday, 11 April 2011


"Sing a Song for Davy Steele" - to mark the tenth anniversary of Davy's passing, his wife Patsy, family and friends are asking people to sing one of his many songs - to commemorate him and celebrate his amazing musical gift and the rich legacy he has left behind for us all.

 Sing a song of Davy’s on 11-4-11, in any way, in any place

 At your gig, at the pub, at home or at work, in the car or even in the bath - just sing!

 Afterwards, please visit the Davy Steele Website and let them know on the guestbook what you did. Words are also available from this site or from Patsy at

Farewell to the Haven was chosen as the first track of the People and Songs of the Sea compilation album. I originally met Davy through the Edinburgh folk scene, a local man from Prestonpans, East Lothian. In Farewell to the Haven, Davy's song so perfectly captures the heartfelt sadness of those who must face the economic decision to leave the fishing for better paid work - a song written some years ago but even more relevant today as the rising cost of fuel often makes it more costly to take a boat out to sea than (even with harbours dues to be paid) than to leave it tied up. In these current, most difficult of times, many boats around Scotland's coast are being sold off.

Farewell to the Haven - is my blog and a Youtube video that I am currently working on in tribute to Davy Steele. When I have finished my blog and video clip, the final version will be posted here.

RIP Davy, your music and songs live on with us all, 11.04.11

The Girl Jean at Port Seton Harbour


I’m leavin the fishin the life I have known
The battles wi nature that nobody’s won
The fish stocks are dwindling and the shoals hard tae find
I’m leaving the fishing I’ve made up my mind

Fareweel tae the Haven my hert it is sad
The drifters I’m leaving tae work on the land

My faither worked drifters and my grandfaither tae
My brother’s a skipper on the Elena Mae
I worked at the fishin just as soon as I could
So leaving’s no easy the sea’s in my blood

I’ll miss the wee boats though my thoughts are there yet
Wi the lads on the Jeannie haulin the net
We worked hard together and we laughed hard as well
Cursin the weather and riding the swell

I’ll work in the wire mill it’s a good job they say
I’ll start and I’ll finish the same time every day
The money is constant and my wife she seems pleased
Ah but I’ll miss the fishin and I’ll miss the sea

A sunset picture from 2006 - at the time I thought the vans 'spoilt' my photo.
They were waiting for fishing boats to come in, only a leisure boat was left.
Just as leisure boats have replaced the fishing boats of Fisherrow.
Other local harbours have seen fishing boat numbers decline.
Now in 2011 I look back, glad the vans were in my photo.

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