Monday, 11 April 2011


Yesterday, in support of peace, it has been estimated that 10,000 people marched in Omagh, Northern Ireland. The march was organised following the murder on 2.04.2011 of a newly serving police officer, 33 year old Ronan Kerr. Many of those marching for peace carried pictures of Ronan with the slogan "NOT IN MY NAME" and I, like Ireland's majority, hope that the Irish peace process is not destroyed by recent re-emerging troubles.

The march for peace was organised, in just a few days, by 29 year Gareth McElduff - a person with a Facebook account who read of Ronan's murder and felt he had to 'do something". When one person makes a stand, others can come forward and show their support for the cause. I dearly love Ireland, it's culture, it's land and of course the people. I desperatly hope that the small minority trying to wreck Ireland's peace process achieve nothing. I remember Ireland's troubled times and no one should ever aim to return to these days.

Recently, the economy of the once strong "Celtic Tiger" has suffered greatly. The Irish are experiencing one of the nation's worst recessions and, as the economy struggles to make some ground, it needs all the support it can get eg: from tourism bringing money in to Ireland. Foreign visitors do not want to go to an area where there is trouble and those living there - they want to be able to get on with their lives without fear of violence. (Girl 5 stood beside car bomb, waving to fun runners). Whatever a person's religion, whatever their point of view - differences can be resolved through dialogue. As with those who marched for peace and in respect of Ronan Kerr, I hope that everyone (in Ireland and abroad) will support the peace process.

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